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Three month cycles

Free intake history and goal setting 

Weekly progress appointments

In person support sessions as requested

Education - Personalized plan - Holistic support - Bodywork

Birth Planning

Education and resources for all aspects of the birth process

Visual birth plans - Vision boards

Education is power. Informed consent *and denial* is everything

Bodily autonomy is your right! 



To monitor; coach; instruct. 

A Monitrice is a hybrid between a doula and a midwife who is trained to provide support, not only during childbirth, but throughout your pregnancy and postpartum

A Monitrice can assist those who are planning a birth center or hospital birth.


Hospital & Birth Center Support

Prenatal education as desired

Physical and emotional support for select locations


Subscription Based Virtual Support

Group membership acces

Ask questions whenever you like

A growing resource of professionals for healthy living


SIBLING Doula Care

Can be reserved in conjunction with my care in your home or separately.
This care is provided in our home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide the beds, food, and support

You just bring on over the littles.


 Postpartum Meal Train

Traditional Warming Postpartum Recovery Nutrition

This includes:

Shopping - Meal prep - Cooking - Cleanup - Delivery


Placental Preparations


2oz tincture made in your home after birth with 190 proof alcohol

I will bottle and date with when it is ready for use.

Straining or leaving material in the bottle is personal preference

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight.


Lotus Birth Kit & Herbal Pouch

            I will provide a custom-made lined placenta pouch to store your baby's placenta in

This keeps everything clean and neat and easy to transport

Until your baby chooses to detach from it themselves.

This can be saved in the freezer until you are ready to bury it

Washed out and passed along, or saved for the next little one.

Comes with custom-crafted herb powder to use as a placental rub.



Healing body salve utilizes stem-cell science for wounds and abrasions

Ingredients could include a variation of

Oils and butters (cocoa/shea/mango etc), vegan wax pastilles, skin healing herbs such as mullein/comfrey/yarrow etc and high grade essential oils of frankincense and helichrysum

Raw or dehydrated placental infusions available

BOTH can be safe options, but how you store them matters.


Raw Chocolates

Raw ‘keto’ chocolates made with raw placenta blended and frozen into bite sized molds and popped into a mason jar for fresh keeping

Ingredients include- coconut oil, cocoa and cacao powder, pure vanilla, and xylitol


Raw -or- Traditional Chinese Method

Ground and encapsulated into 00 capsules

Flavored capsules can be used on request

Additional warming herbs can be added like lemon and cayenne


$45 8oz breastmilk gummies

$75 Milk Keepsakes 


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