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Education & Support
Sometimes these aren't the times you're dreaming of and that's OK

If you need someone, I'll be there

No questions asked, and no judgments

Personal care during and after - Personalized wellness products

Keepsake Products & Momentos



Pregnancy, unfortunately doesn't always have a happy ending

It doesn't always result in life

If you need someone who's truly been there and understands

I can help

Rebirth ceremonies - Temporary Preservation

Keepsake items with inclusions of ashes, placenta, and or breastmilk

 Therapy resources, support groups, and a shoulder to cry on

A stillbirth (or any other variation) is STILL birth

You deserve to be supported and celebrated even still

These services are free to the best of my ability and as my schedule permits

Donations are encouraged to help my continued abilities to support future grieving families

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